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We are one of the largest coach certifying organisations in the world with more than 8000 certified Coaches in 60 countries.

The ICC is a registered not for profit company in London, England, founded by Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages in 2001. 

We certify a coaching programs at every level and have been established since then.

The ICC uses the Lambent International Certification Coaching Training. This training was awarded a European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC).
This program(s) may be submitted for review as coach-specific training to apply for an ICF Credential via the ICF Portfolio Path.


We are committed to develop Coaching profession at every level through a complete Coaching career at highest standards, including Life, Business, Teams and Executive Coaching trainings.

You can take an ICC Training in more than 20 countries through our network of Certified Trainers, building a network of professional coaches using the same language, vision, values and ethics in Coaching.

Through its core coaching competencies and standards and ethics, the ICC supports and develops a coaching profession as well as coaching as an activity.

Our training programs uses the Lambent award winning methodology to integrate and develop the main models of coaching, including: Behavioural Coaching, Integral Coaching, Ontological Coaching, Inner Game, NLP and positive psychology.

We work from the hearth of Coaching creating a powerful synergy between all aspects these school have in common. We go to the essence of Coaching.

The ICC Team

Our Heartfelt Goodbye to Norma Alonso

We are very sorry to announce that Norma Alonso, who has been part of our team of Coaching trainers since 2007, passed away on Saturday 29th August.

Norma was a great example of woman and professional who always lived her life with high values, always contributing to a better world in so many ways. She burned with a bright light that shone on all who met her.

Her beautiful smile and big heart will be missed and remembered by everyone who had the pleasure to know her.


If you wish to change your profile picture in Social Media and join in tribute to Norma and support to Carlos Alonso, their family and team, you can do it clicking here.

Thank you, Norma.
Rest in peace



Coaching Trainer Certification

Our Community continues to grow! Excellent Trainers have competed their Coaching Trainer Certification yesterday in London and are now part our wonderful worldwide team of ICC Trainers. We salute their immense dedication and it is with our hearts filled with joy that welcome them to our Team! We are looking forward to continue touching people's lives and Coaching the World together!

Coaching Trainer Certification in London

International Coaching Community Chile

International coaching community CHILE
International coaching community CHILE
International coaching community CHILE
International coaching community CHILE
International coaching community CHILE
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International coaching community CHILE
International coaching community CHILE

International Team Coaching Certification with Joseph O'Connor in Chile 






International Coaching Congress 2015 - May 19-21 in Moscow, Russia!

To learn about the speakers, schedule and everything you need to know visit http://russia.icccoachingcongress.com/






International Coaching Congress 2015

We are thrilled to announce that the VII International Coaching Congress will take place on May 20th and 21st in in Moscow, Russia!

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Have your professional profile on the ICC Website

Search for a Coach is a public searching tool on the ICC website that lists our members worldwide, and makes them findable by name, language, country, delivery method (face to face/distance), and type of coaching.

Complete your professional profile today and be listed in our website!

  • Enhance your credibility by showing that you adhere to the ethical and skill standards that define the ICC.
  • Show your ICC endorsement to the world, with detail in your area of Certification.
  • Find new clients all over the world by offering distance coaching.
  • Increase your findability and improve your professional image.


To learn how to get started click here

ICC Certification in Ecuador

After the huge success of the International Coaching Certification in Ecuador during 2014, two more Training Programs are starting in Guayaquil and Quito!

Congratulations to Karina Pittini and Sonia Colombo, International ICC Trainers who bring to Ecuador the ICC International Certification with the Lambent International Certification Coaching Training, awarded a European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC).

Learn more here.

Community Awards 2014

The Community Awards 2014 were celebrated, in recognition of the work of our international Trainers in our Community!
This was during the Annual General Meeting of the ICC Trainers  on November 23rd in Dominican Republic.

 These are the awarded Trainers of 2014:


International Certification Training in Colombia


The International Coaching Community is present in Colombia!

Through Impel, an ICC International Certification Program will start in Bogota on November 2014.

As all the ICC Training Programs, this training will use the Lambent International Certification Coaching Training, which has been awarded a European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC).

Congratulations to Carlos and Norma Alonso, International ICC Trainers! 



Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages invite you to the VI International Coaching Congress

- November 2014 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Click on the following image and watch this video with subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese! click on CC on the bottom bar and choose your language of preference.

Visit www.icccoachingcongress.com to find out all the details of an extraordinary experience that will gather our Community together!



International Coaching Summit 2014

11 days of Training and Solidarity


Let's get together for high quality webinars on the most relevant coaching topics, in aid of the orphanages Mãe Grande and Pequenas Sementes in Angola, Africa.


Contact the best speakers and contribute to this cause! 


Coaching Supervision Training with Joseph O'Connor

We are happy to share with you the latest cutting-edge initiative of the International Coaching Community: the formation of a Team of ICC Coaching Supervisors.

Whereas Coaching Supervision is not yet widely practised, it will undoubtedly grow as the coaching profession develops and gains more credibility.

This is an invitation to be amongst the first embarking on this development for the Coaching profession worldwide.

For more information and registrations, click here

Video Coaching Supervision

Latest News

Our New Trainers to Join the ICC Team

First ICC Training in Mozambique

“I am very thankful to the ICC and to Mozambique Coach for this opportunity to run the International Coaching Certification Training in Maputo - Mozambique and integrate another fantastic team of coaches in our community. These coaches from Mozambique are now in process of being part of our vast and qualified team of coaches, positioning the profession of Coaching as one of the best processes to support human learning and development at the highest level. Mozambique leaves a very strong mark on me, because the coaches who made this course possible in Maputo, showed great capabilities and skills for the art of coaching and also a high attitude towards people development, and observable behaviors of great impact on helping others show their best version both in work and in life."


Academy events

ICC Coaching Summit
07-12-2015 3:00 pm

ICC on the Go! Latest coaching news at hand!

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