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Andrea Lages

Andrea Lages is one of the most respected coaching trainers in the world. She is co-founder of the ICC, an internationally certified NLP trainer, consultant, business trainer and executive coach. Living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she works internationally doing NLP certification courses, international Coaching certification trainings, and seminars on communication skills, systemic thinking, leadership, and goal setting, with individuals and teams.

She has worked in Mexico, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Malta, Brazil and the UK. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and does trainings in all three languages.

Through her consultancy, Andrea designs and runs management development, training, coaching, customer service training, team building, applying NLP and Systemic thinking in practical ways within organizations.

Her clients include Certisign (Verisign - Brasil), Virtual Case, Procci, Secretary of development of Rio de Janeiro.

Joseph and Andrea are co-authors of ´Coaching with NLP - How to become a master coach´ published by Thorsons.


Joseph O'Connor

Joseph O´Connor is one of the best known and respected trainers of coaching and NLP in the world. He has taught in North and South America, Hong Kong and Singapore, (where he was awarded the medal of the National Community Leadership Institute), New Zealand and many European Countries. Joseph has been a visiting member of the faculty for NLP University in Santa Cruz, California.

Joseph has worked with many companies as a trainer and consultant, including Citibank, BA, HP Invent, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) in Vienna, consulting on Industrial co-operation projects in developing countries.

He is the author of seventeen books translated into twenty five languages, including many of the best selling and most respected books on NLP, systems thinking and coaching. He was the first author outside the United States to write an NLP book. His book, ´Introducing NLP´ has been used for over ten years as the basic reference book for NLP study and has sold over 100,000 copies.

Joseph is co-founder of the ICC. He lived in the UK for many years and now lives in Brazil.

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