Roberto Bernal

Roberto Bernal

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Executive Director of Wekan, S.A., Panamanian company with international experience, specialized in Coaching and training for individuals, companies and organizations.

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Degree in Marketing with a Master in Business Management and a Certification in Sales Management.

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Master Trainer and International Facilitator at the Development of the Entrepreneurship Abilities Project for the EMPRETEC program of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and the Inter-American Development Bank with more than 1,800 hours of training.

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Coach Trainer Certifier for the International Coaching Community (IFCC) – Joseph O´ Connor and Andrea Lages: Introductory Courses to Coaching and International Certification in Coaching.

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Trainer for Lambent do Brazil for their international programs.

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International Coach, Certified by the ICC and Lambent do Brazil - Joseph O´Connor and Andrea Lages.

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Member of the International Coaching Community (ICC).

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Founder and President of the Coaching Association of Panama.

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Facilitator and Associated Counselor of Ciudad del Saber in Panama, Human Perspectives International y Humanet.

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Certified in the training system of Everything DiSC System.

Certified in 20/20 Insight Gold for multi-sources feedback projects.

International Facilitator in the following issues: Entrepreneurship Ability Development, Internal Leaders Development, Coaching, Sales and Negotiation, Customer Service, Time Management, Communication, Team Development and more.



Ciudad del Saber, Clayton 234, Oficina 309
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