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What is a Webinar?

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The word webinar stands for Web-based seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web.

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Webinars are totally interactive. Are based in two-way communication between the trainer and audience, allowing you to receive information, discuss ideas, make and answer questions.

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What do I need to join a Webinar?

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You can easily access an ICC webinar. You just need a computer (PC or MAC) and a good internet connection.

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You can be at home, office or Coffe store, anywhere where an Internet connection is ready.

Having a Headset is recommended to improve audio quality while hearing and speaking on the webinar.

What kind of topics are covered in Webinars?

Since 2009, ICC is delivering Coaching Master classes through Webinars. Trainers from all around the world are presenting topics on Business, Team, Life and Executive Coaching as well.

We always look for those topics that allows you to improve and expand your Coaching practice.

How much it costs and who can assist?

ICC webinars are free of charge. Webinars are our contribution to make a better world through Coaching, looking for more and more people to get in contact with this matter.

Webinars are open to public in general, coaches and non-coaches, certified by ICC or not. Everyone can access!

What's next?

Take a look to our Webinars agenda below and enroll on the ones you want. You will receive a reminder near to the webinars date to avoid you missing the event!

Share this agenda with friends, partners and anyone that you think may benefit of these Coaching classes.

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