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What is a Webinar?

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The word webinar stands for Web-based seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web.

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Webinars are totally interactive. Are based in two-way communication between the trainer and audience, allowing you to receive information, discuss ideas, make and answer questions.

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What do I need to join a Webinar?

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You can easily access an ICC webinar. You just need a computer (PC or MAC) and a good internet connection.

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You can be at home, office or Coffe store, anywhere where an Internet connection is ready.

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Having a Headset is recommended to improve audio quality while hearing and speaking on the webinar.

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What kind of topics are covered in Webinars?

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Since 2009, ICC is delivering Coaching Master classes through Webinars. Trainers from all around the world are presenting topics on Business, Team, Life and Executive Coaching as well.

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We always look for those topics that allows you to improve and expand your Coaching practice.

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How much it costs and who can assist?

ICC webinars are free of charge. Webinars are our contribution to make a better world through Coaching, looking for more and more people to get in contact with this matter.

Webinars are open to public in general, coaches and non-coaches, certified by ICC or not. Everyone can access!

What's next?

Take a look to our Webinars agenda below and enroll on the ones you want. You will receive a reminder near to the webinars date to avoid you missing the event!

Share this agenda with friends, partners and anyone that you think may benefit of these Coaching classes.

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